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So you have decided to sell but although this can be exciting it can also be a daunting experience; many people question whether or not to move simply because they are nervous about letting people that they don't know look around their home. We have put together some tips and handy hints on how to present your property to ensure that it is received in its best possible light.

Kerbside Appeal

The first impression that a potential buyer will get is from the outside. Make it easy to find so make sure that the new hanging baskets that you have put up don't cover the name or number of the house. Clean the windows and remove the boots from beside the door. People often decided whether a property is right for them within the first 30 seconds of seeing it.

Prioritise Your Jobs

The things that have annoyed you over the years may not be the most sensible jobs to do. Speak to us and we will give you a list of jobs specific to your house that will help you present at its very best

Pounds In Your Pocket

Sometimes by spending a little on your home you can increase its value by thousands. Be sensible though and don't take risks. Brightening the woodwork and refreshing the emulsion can sometimes make more financial sense than refitting a kitchen, or bathroom.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

When living in your home the clutter can become invisible. Sometimes asking a friend, family member or anyone who doesn't mind offending you to cast a fresh pair of eyes over your home is a good idea. They will see it in the same way as a potential buyer. Space sells so create as much as you can.

England Is A Country Of Gardeners

Outside space matters. If you have a garden it needs to be tidy. No applicant will expect Alan Titchmarsh to have visited prior to their viewing but will want to see its potential at least. De-weed the driveway, cut back the overgrown bushes to show the space, in summer mow the lawn and jet wash the patio, it all makes a difference. If this is too much for you to do then let us know because we have several excellent landscape gardeners who can give it a tidy.

Photograph Day

Selling properties has become very visual and so photograph day is incredibly important. Make sure the house is decluttered and let us move things around to create the best possible photo. Move the cars off the drive and don't worry about the weather, we can fix that.

Flexibility Sells

Within reason be as flexible as you can with viewing times. Let us have a set of keys to show the property when you are at work. Don't put potential buyers off by being too exclusive with your availability.

Silence Is Golden

If you are present when we are accompanying a viewing, let us get on with it and don't say too much. It is possible to talk someone who is showing an interest out of buying it.

Don’t Be A Prude

Buying a property is a huge purchase. The buyers will want to open cupboards. Let the agent know which cupboards the viewers are able to look in, or may be more importantly, which one not to!


We understand that your pets are part of your family. The potential purchaser may not like them quite as much as you do. If you can keep them away at viewing times, or at least when the viewer turns up please don't let your dog jump up at them. Check the lawn (dog owners will understand that)!

Most Of All… Relax

When all said and done, if you want to move there is only a certain amount you can do to get your property ready. Once you have done it, leave the rest to us and relax.”

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